Site investigation on a beach area with copper tailings, Chile

Executed by all MAREC partners


  • A drilling campaign of 3 weeks on a beach site with 30 holes up to 15 m depth. Whilst drilling, undisturbed samples have been taken for laboratory testing and in-situ SPT testing has been performed every 1.5 m. For a good core recovery and minimizing disturbance of the samples, drilling has been done by Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill. Post drilling, monitoring wells have been installed. PVC liner with a sand screen at the bottom and digital diver. Water level measurements are done automatically by the use of a digital logger. The monitoring wells including digital logger were supplied by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Pump/falling head tests are executed on the wells. Geotechnical and hydrogeological study has been made by the combined forces of the MAREC Consortium of the outcome of the above mentioned drilling campaign.

Services provided

  • As MAREC group we offered the client a total solution for the site investigation on short term and with a high standard site study with all the expertise from all MAREC companies